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image This is another one of those “I wonder how/who” posts.

Everyone, every business, every industry has a need for computer software. No matter who, what or where. is the home of Mind Body, a company that caters to the needs of service oriented companies.

If you have a Hair Salon you need Hair Salon Management Software, right?  if you run a Spa, you need Spa Management Software.

From appointment scheduling to marketing and customer relations, from web scheduling to e-Commerce Mindbody helps wherever needed.

The Service industry has been one of those industries that has been pretty slow catching up with technology. You walk into your home-town hair salon, there’s an appointment book for scheduling at best.

They’re catching up though, slowly but surely salons, spas, gyms, and more are taking their services online and reaching out to their customers (past, current and prospective) through technology.

Mind Body has a nice product too – making it web based so that it’s centrally based, intuitive and fairly easy to use.

Make your service convenient and easily accessible and your customer base is likely to grow.


p>Kudos to Mind Body for reaching out to service oriented companies. They tend to be very set in their ways and resilient to change.