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How to Get the Kids Excited About Your Upcoming Family Reunion

(ARA) – Summer will be here before you know it and since the kids are out of school, it’s a popular time of year for family reunions. But, how do you get your child excited about visiting with grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins when they’d rather be playing outside with their friends?  

There’s no better way than by making a game out of planning your family reunion! A fun and exciting place to turn for reunion planning resources is, a new Web site created through a partnership among the makers of the highly popular Tamagotchi Connection “virtual pet,” Family Tree Magazine and to help celebrate the release of Tamagotchi Connection Familitchi V5.

With Tamagotchi V5, kids can raise their own family of multiple characters simultaneously in one toy. Expanding the Tamagotchi experience, Familitchi features many types of families and generations to be raised.  And, depending on how they care for their characters, kids can have fun experiences with the Mames (the intellectual family), Memes (artistic family), Kuchis (laid back family) and even the Violes (cheerful family.)  Kids are also charged with creating family togetherness and generating a strong family bond among their family of three siblings.  For more excitement, kids can marry their grown-up Tamagotchi characters to their friends’ characters and start a whole new generation of families by using the popular infrared technology feature.  More information about the Tamagotchi V5 is available at also features tricks kids can use to create their own personalized family tree, as well as fun tips on planning their very own family reunion party. Here are just some of the tips you’ll they’ll find for creating their family tree on

1. Fill out a family tree chart with facts you already know about your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Every time you learn something new, you can add it to the notes section.

2. Ask permission to explore your family’s or grandma’s attic. Look for pictures, letters, an old diary, military papers, and heirlooms such as a wedding dress or special furniture. Old items can be fragile, so handle them carefully.

3. Look through your family photo albums with your parents and grandparents, and ask them to tell you about the people pictured.

To further encourage kids to have fun with their Tamagotchi and personal family history, Tamagotchi has launched the "Ultimate Tamagotchi Family Reunion" sweepstakes. One lucky grand prize winner will get a fully-catered family reunion for 25 family members, party favors for everyone and, best of all, a special appearance from some of the Tamagotchi characters.  Log on to for sweepstakes details.

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