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British Amusement Park, Alton Towers banned PDAs! (Personal Digital Assistants).

10064_695com_reseller_250x250Between the dates of May 15th and June 1st PDA Police patrolled the park to encourage parents to focus more on their kids and not what is on their Blackberry, Palm, iPhone etc.

Yes this post is a little late but if the scheme is successful they might implement it permanently.

One their site Alton Towers says:

"Alton Towers Resort will be piloting a "PDA Free Zone" during May Half Term (May 25th – June 1st inclusive), to encourage parents to disconnect from the office and reconnect fully with their families. PDA police will be onsite to enforce the ban and any adult caught using a PDA whilst at the Resort will be asked to report to one of five "PDA Drop Off Zones" where they can safely leave their PDA’s for the day. If the scheme is successful, it will be introduced full time."

I’ve been to Alton Towers, many, many moons ago. It’s a wonderful place.

I can see the merit in their plan. There are parents who spend too much time distracted from their children.

What do you think though? Should public places like this be able to enforce bans like this (though enforce might be the wrong word).

Would something like this deter or encourage you to go to a place?

Drop comment, let me know.

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