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Isn’t the Internet great?!?!

One of the things I like about running a general ‘tech’ blog is that it encompasses so much stuff. I can pretty much write about anything.
This is one of those times.

I came across a web site, this looked kind of interesting.

It gets complicated so I’m not going to delve deep into what is involved, and I don’t fully understand the whole thing myself but I can give a brief overview.

A 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange is well kept secret in which a property owner can sell their property and reinvest the ownership proceeds in a certain way to defer the capital gains taxes.

It’s not the exchange or the 1031 tax deferred exchange, it’s not real estate or ownership that I want to talk about though.
I want to point out how remarkably simple 1031ExchangeAlliance web site is!

You’d think that a site that has anything to do with Alliances, real estate or taxes would be terribly complicated and very boring – Not this one.

One look at the site tells you what you need to know. There’s a front page, detailed Q&A, a quick, easy to use 1031 calculator and an area to easily find experts in the field.

Just two tabs, a form, a button and an always visible phone number for help.

Why can’t more web sites be more like this?