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Iimage‘m fortunate enough to not need glasses or contact lenses. I never have and I don’t really relish the day that I’m told that I do need them (nor do I envy the person who has the job of breaking the news to me).

I do know that if I did have to buy anything that was going anywhere near my eyes I’d want as much information and input as possible regarding what it is and where it’s coming from and I know people who I’m sure would feel the same way.

This is one area in which I might be forces to think twice about buying the product online.
However, there is a site that would make me feel a whole lot better about what I’m getting and here’s why. is a really nice site. It’s well laid out, it’s easy to use and generally pretty friendly.

Firstly, look at the domain – ‘’ – it’s a very high class, top level domain. For me, this makes a difference. I tend to look at sites with domains like this and give them a good reputation immediately in my mind, thinking to myself "ah-ha, good for you. You have an awesome domain for what you do!"

Let’s take the acuvue oasys lenses for example (I see them advertised all the time) the page is full of reviews (actually, mostly positive) about how the Acuvue Oasys prevents dry, irritated eyes etc.
It’s good to see ‘real people’ reviews of a product on any site.

I like the terminology behind the site too. Of course, they claim that you can save time and money by buying through them online (like many sites do) but I found it interesting that, at, the use the term "Frictionless Buying" which says a lot. It’s a term I haven’t used, or heard before.