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There is an interesting article posted on LifeHacker regarding whether you should be paid overtime to check your email at home.

Apparently ABC News Writers are demanding overtime pay because they’re being forced to take their work home with them.

I can see their point. I’ve been there and done it. Depending on your position it can be necessary to extend your work out of the workplace but it can be unfair to you and your family too.

I found the vote attached to the article most interesting of all though. (as of right now)
31% say yes.  38% says no – then there are a couple of others we don’t need to look at.
The percentage claiming not does so because they check their personal email at work and do other personal things making the work/home/work trade fair.  Wow.

I wonder how that poll would change if it were posted on Gizmodo for example.

Is this showing a more lax workplace? is the work/home divide blurring that much more?