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(ARA) – It’s the time of the year when festive meals are shared and holiday memories are made, but are you taking the best photos to share with friends and family? If you do not feel confident behind the lens and your pictures stay trapped on your camera, these tips will help you take photos you’ll be proud to share with others.

Here are five tips to best capture and share your favorite holiday moments:

Tip 1: Use the flash indoors and outFor the best outcome, use the flash when taking photos outdoors. This applies to photos taken outside — no matter what the season. The flash will lighten the shadows on the subject’s face caused by the sun. If subjects are under a tree, or have a shadow cast on them, this trick is especially helpful to lighten them. A flash can help neutralize the lighting source even during the high noon period of the day when the sun casts deep shadows.

Tip 2: Take plenty of candid shots to capture the real magic

Take a combination of posed and candid shots to capture the spirit of a holiday event. Record meaningful moments such as your family greeting one another on Thanksgiving Day, friends singing holiday carols in December or children tearing through presents. Try following a child and capturing candid shots at their height-level. Don’t be shy in snapping the shutter; taking several photos will ensure you catch the magic of the evening and increase your chances of getting a few perfect shots, although you may end up with a lot more photos than you are used to.

Tip 3: Practice the rule of thirds

Add personality and balance to your photos by dividing the frame into three equal parts.  Imagine two imaginary horizontal and two vertical lines in your viewfinder. Some cameras offer a setting to automatically place these lines to make it easier. Position the subject at one of the four points where the lines intersect. Composing your shot using this rule of thumb will create a nicely-balanced, eye-pleasing photo.

Tip 4: Make photo sharing effortless by adding wireless to the camera you already own

Imagine sharing photos of your favorite holiday moment with out-of-state relatives and friends before your children even finish opening holiday presents. By using Eye-Fi’s wireless SD memory card, you can turn the camera you already own into a wireless camera. Eye-Fi will automatically upload photos from your camera to your home computer and favorite online photo sharing site. Storing photos online is important to keep them safe in case you lose your photo albums in a fire or if your computer is ever stolen or infected by a virus. Backing up your photos online offers you the peace of mind that your life’s memories are safeguarded somewhere other than your home. Plus, you control who can view your online albums by adjusting the privacy settings on your photo sharing account.

Tip 5: Organize your photos with “geotagging”

Geotagging, or adding a “tag” to your photo with the location of where it was taken, helps keep your images organized within your online photo sharing site or on your computer. As photo memories accumulate within your gallery, you can organize them by location and provide context that will last for years to come. The Eye-Fi Explore wireless memory card automatically tags photos with location information, eliminating the time and hassle of manually doing it yourself. You can also use this information to help plot your photos on a map to record your holiday travels.

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