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For as much time and money as I spend online I’ll admit that I don’t use coupons online. I think I tried to use an eBay on once but it didn’t work and I gave up.

It’s not that I don’t know how to, not that I don’t want to save money or know where to find coupons, I just…. don’t.

Do you use coupons while shopping online? really, I’d like to know.

Coupons and online money saving sites have come a long way. They’re not list lists of merchants with often expired coupons any more they’re more line dynamic services that tell you when something you’re interested in is going cheap.
There are some that highlight merchants’ ‘price assurance’ programs (price assurance means automatic cash refunds for airfare price drops), others give you deals on everything from Toys to Luxury Gift Cards.

What sites do you use to find coupons? What would make you use/not use them? are you like me and just simply don’t use them? Are you an avid virtual clipper?

Maybe the checkout process is too easy and I’m done before I know it.

Maybe next time I’m shopping online for Shoes I’ll think about seeing if I can save a few bucks.

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