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There’s a week for everything these days and Distance Learning is no exception. November 10th – 14th is National Learning Week… or 4 days.

There was a time that studying for a degree online had a certain stigma. Online education wasn’t considered or considered real.
Online educational facilities have really come into their own though. No more are courses only partially based online and partly in a brick and mortar facility (kind of taking away from the whole online thing).

It’s possible now to take your course completely online without even seeing a brick and mortar facility.

The stigma has all but gone too. Online degrees have more credence now than they did 5 years ago. Apparently 85% of employers now give degrees earned online as much more conventional than they were in years past.

There’s even a virtual homecoming!

Actually, you’ll find it’s the established, old-school, brick and mortar facilities that are really pushing online education. They’re realizing that times are changing and people have more of a need to study in their pajamas than in a classroom.

Whether you’re interested in an online MBA, Business Administration Degree or Certificate in Real Estate Studies there’s bound to be something purely online based to suit you.

Take a look! give it a try!

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