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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, inevitably, immediately after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and then what in recent years has become known as Cyber Monday.

Will you be shopping on Friday or Monday? how about the weekend in between?

If you’re shopping online on Monday for the things you couldn’t find on Friday (or didn’t feel like getting trampled in the stores) will you be using Coupons to get better prices online?

I’ll be trawling a number of Internet Shopping Sites to find a few gifts that I’m after this year.

I’ll be looking for a Senseo Coffee Machine from Target, a new XPS Desktop computer from Dell, and probably a couple of striped, graphic, henley hoodies from Aeropostale.

Hmm I hope no-one I’m buying gifts for reads the blog.

I try to find a couple of coupon sites to use as a base, at least when I’m doing my initial big store shopping, you can often get some great deals on top of what you’re already saving by just shopping online.

Do you use coupons to buy you Christmas gifts in a brick and mortar store? how about online? has the troubled economy driven you to look for better deals online?

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