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and Bosses

New website for employees to rate and review their employers
and bosses and share real on-the-job experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3, 2008 — today
announced a new website where employees can share the truth
about employers and bosses through ratings, reviews, and
sharing of workplace experiences. is now in
open public beta and welcomes all employees to come seek out
and share the truth. This free and easy-to-use service helps
employees post anonymous feedback to their management and
share on-the-job stories without fear of repercussions.
Suppliers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders can
also record their findings and experiences with a company.
Job-seekers and students can "reference-check" potential
employers at

"As an employee, I often felt frustrated that there was no
openness or transparency about upward feedback. Also, it was
really hard to exchange experiences and stories with others.
Moreover, when changing jobs, I would have wanted insights
about what a certain employer or boss is really like. is now finally there to provide this
visibility," said Peter Reed of

Websites like Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor have popularized
user reviews for things like books, restaurants, and hotels. now puts easy-to-use review tools in
employees’ hands to tell the truth about their employers and
bosses. already covers thousands of
employers and more are added every day by its users. It also
provides official EmployerRap Rankings and Ratings Scores to
help users compare employers.’s current Beta version includes:

Employer Reviews: Read or write reviews and ratings on
  employers. Employees can also discuss latest events, rumors,
  and stories at the "Water Cooler Talk" forums.

— Boss Reviews: Read or write reviews on individual bosses.
  Many high-profile managers have already been listed and
  employees can easily add their own bosses.

— Stories & Advice: Share stories about crazy bosses, weird
  employers, and "special moments" in the office. Also, users
  can exchange advice on how to deal with bosses, cope with
  workplace issues, and manage their careers.

About is your source for the truth about employers
and bosses. It is a website for employees and other
stakeholders to rate and review their employers and bosses
and share real on-the-job experiences. To search for
reviews, post your own, or to learn more, please visit

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