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(ARA) – Gift buying for some people couldn’t be easier. If he’s into motorcycles, he’ll love anything for his bike. If she’s a fan of ballroom dancing, some sexy dance shoes are sure to please. But what do you give that person on your list whose interests seem to begin and end with the computer screen?

Why, computer accessories, of course.

There are between 170 million and 200 million PCs in use in the United States. Chances are you know someone who would love a unique, useful or exciting computer accessory for the holidays. Here are five ideas for gifts to help the computer fanatics on your list “trick out” their PCs:

* Know someone who’s a dedicated nighttime Net surfer? An illuminated, flexible keyboard will allow him or her to cruise the information superhighway in the dark without having to turn on all the lights and possibly disturb others in the household. Plus, the keyboards are virtually indestructible, can be rolled up and easily taken on the road for travel, and cost about the same as a good standard or ergonomic keyboard. You can find these snazzy keyboards at
* Anyone who burns their own CDs knows the hassle of hand labeling them – and the horror of sorting through mounds of completely unlabeled discs. The solution: a nifty thermal printer that imprints your personal labeling right on the CD, just like a professional studio-produced disc. The printer can place up to 16 lines of type on your CD. You’ll find it at

* How many PC users invest in awesome screens that wind up covered in fingerprints, dust and sneeze marks? A high-end screen deserves high-end care. Sanus Systems makes Elements Screen Care, a series of quality screen care accessories that gently clean high-end monitors. The ELM101 includes a special alcohol- and ammonia-free gel that cleans without harming screens or discoloring bezels; a microfiber wiping handle for quick, even window-style cleaning; a microfiber cloth that cleans without leaving lint or residue; and an antistatic dusting brush that lifts debris and static electricity from the screen. Go to to find a retail location near you.

* Ah, the USB port – it’s not just for memory or Web cams anymore. Just about any novelty item you can think of can now be found with a USB plug at the end of its power cord. Encourage your PC fan to have fun with their USB ports. Know someone who works in a stuffy office with co-workers who always keep the heat on high? Try a USB-powered personal fan. Or for someone who’s always cold, try a USB-powered electric lap blanket. College kids might like a mini missile launcher or a roll-up drum kit that plugs into the USB port. Or for a real fashion statement, how about a memory stick adorned with real Swarovski crystals? Check out for USB-based accessories.

* Let’s talk screen again. Once upon a time, you had to be content with a big, old clunky monitor that sat in just one position on your desk, leaving little room for anything else. Now, flat-screen monitors are sleek, easy-on-the-eyes and mobile. A flexible screen mount can help your PC lover get just the right angle with his screen. The adjustable mounts get the screen even higher up off the desk, leaving plenty of work space, and enable the user to adjust the screen position for optimum viewing. You’ll find a line of Vision Mount Desk Mounts at

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