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(ARA) – Suzie looking precious in her angel costume for the holiday pageant, the family feast with four generations in attendance, and the huge grin on your loved one’s face when he unwrapped the exact gift he’d been hoping for. The holiday season is full of precious memories.

Unfortunately, they often get stuck in digital cameras or memory cards until well into the new year.

Photo-sharing Web sites have made it easy to organize and share holiday photos, so you’re saving memories, not clutter. Digital-image Web sites like, a service of your neighborhood drug store CVS/pharmacy, allow you to store, edit, share and print your treasured images. But not all sites are created equal. Here’s what you should know when you’re looking for the right site for your needs:

Most sites offer the benefits of convenience, organizing, editing and file-sharing. You can upload images at any time of the day or night, store them in an organized, online filing system and share them with loved ones via e-mail. All you need to get started is a digital camera with a USB cable or a memory card reader.
Online storage is usually free, with different sites offering varying storage capacity. If you plan to archive your images on the site you choose, make sure you look for one with ample free storage space, or one that allows you to purchase additional storage for a nominal fee.

Most sites also offer printing services via mail order. will allow you to select the images you want to print, choose a print size and finish (glossy or matte) and print them at a local CVS/pharmacy for fast, easy pickup. You can get your images at a CVS/pharmacy in just one hour.

Flexibility in organizing your images is important. Look for sites that allow you multiple ways to organize folders and albums of images. For example, you may choose to create folders for images from each member of the family if your account will be shared among family members. Or, you may opt to organize albums by upload date, the date the images were taken, or even by occasion.

Many people now also choose sites based on the gift items they allow you to create using your uploaded images. Especially for special occasions or during the holidays, the ability to turn cherished photographs into memorabilia or greeting cards is a great bonus.

Once you’ve chosen your site and how you’ll organize your images, be sure to follow the site’s guidelines for the fastest, easiest way to upload your images. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the site’s editing capabilities. All will allow you to rotate and crop images, and many offer basic editing like red-eye reduction.

To learn more about how to store, organize and share your images – and print them in just one hour – visit

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