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I came across Danelle from on Twitter. After checking out the site I thought “wow, that’s great!”.

While not exactly my kind of site I’m really impressed with the concept and implementation. Danelle and I got to talking, I asked her a couple of questions, she answered and sent me some more info – here is it. image

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a way to help people.  Everywhere I went people were asking me how I stay so organized, asking to use my home systems and printable checklists (that my husband was kind enough to brag about to all of his coworkers!), and asking for advice on how to balance their lives.  It seems that people all have the same basic needs and desires, and everyone benefits from working smarter instead of harder.  So our electronic presence was established to reach a large number of people quickly and easily.

What keeps you going?
Our systems and educational resources are downloaded in 93 countries around the world every day. Looking at those kind of stats keeps me going- there’s no question that our materials really do help people from all different walks of life!  Our company is constantly growing and evolving into new arenas, which is exciting to watch and be a part of.

What do you find interesting in the social media arena?
I love social media for too many reasons to name!  Twitter is my main focus right now (you can find me there with @homemakerbarbi), and I have had numerous opportunities opened up to me thanks solely to my involvement on Twitter.  Social media is a new frontier of involvement not only between individuals, but also between individuals and companies.  Many businesses are transferring their corporate entities to Twitter (as well as Facebook) now in the effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Social media sites like Twitter allow these companies to get direct feedback from their consumers to find out what they’re doing right, what they can improve, and in what direction customers expect their companies to evolve to better meet their needs.

image Thanks to Twitter and other social media, I’ve had opportunities to meet and work with these large, well-known companies: Oscar Mayer, Macy’s, Build a Bear Workshop, Walmart, Best Buy, among others.  I’ve also forged relationships with small boutique-type stores and many other fellow bloggers. I also use StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Mixx, Reddit, and Technorati to bookmark my favorite articles online. Anyone can view my accounts there and find links to materials online I think are worth passing on.  I use Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and FriendFeed to network with people and businesses.  It’s a wide world of social media, and there’s one out there that’s right for everyone!

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