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Branding in Social Media really interests me, as does certain branding in general.

I’m a big fan of Bob FM – it’s always on in my car and heaven help anyone who tries to change the station. I don’t believe there’s an actual Bob but if you listen to the station you’d think there is. “Bob this”, “Bob that”, “Bob will be here”, “Bob will be there” etc.

I’d like to think that the Victoria in Victoria’s Secret is something similar to Bob.

At the beginning of this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion show they did a thing on “Who is Victoria?” an tried to find her and tried to figure out if there really was one. I don’t think there was an outcome but it’s an interesting idea.

What if, all of a sudden, there was a ‘Victoria’ and she got on Twitter, Facebook, myspace, linkedin etc.

How would you feel about it? maybe like @comcastcares it would be run by a person or group of people but would you respect the company and brand any more or less?

There are those naysayers who claim that there is no room for brands in twitter, social media, blogging etc. in my opinion there is.
I see social media branding as a way of not monetizing but a way of connecting. We all know that connecting in business is crucial, right?

If (an official) Victoria were to pop up on Twitter for example I know I’d follow. Not because of the underwear models (well not just because of that), not because I’m particularly interested in buying from the store (not likely) but because I’d be so interested in how the company would represent itself to the public from inside, also to see how such a company would relate to its consumers.

I’ve never claimed to be a branding expert and I’m certainly no women’s lingerie expert but I can see advantages to having a brand like this, represented in this way, on social media platforms.

How do you feel about Social Media and Brands?

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