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*This guest post covers the need for blog anonymity in an adult oriented industry and may not be suitable for all audiences. Discretion is advised*

Have you ever had a really juicy secret to tell, but you couldn’t say because everyone would know itimage was you?  I’m talking about a good one too – with naked women, spanking, fist-fulls of cash, and a guy dressed up as a chicken.  Would you tell?  Now what if that juicy little secret also involved some questionably legal activity?  Would you still tell?

Welcome to my world.  My name is CJ, and I write a blog about my life working in a massage parlor.  You can find me at if you want to check it out.  I’ve been writing about what it’s like behind those blackened windows and the neon “Spa” sign for about a year now.  I started it because I thought it would be funny to tell some of my stories, and just say some things that I was never able to talk about outside of work.

When your job consists mainly of taking your top off and giving “happy endings” to married men, you can see where discretion is a virtue.  So you see my dilemma?  Great stories, but I can’t take credit for them.  So I go by the name of CJ, and I don’t reveal the exact location of where I work.  But I figure there are enough erotic massage parlors in southeast PA, that I can still talk about life in general but still give it a local “feel” without giving away too much info.

One unintended consequence of sharing dirty gossip about work is that I get lots of requests by guys to come see me at “The Business.”  Well let me tell ya – I was flattered at first.  But then I realized that the last thing I can do is use this blog thing to drum up customers.  I mean heck – if ANYONE out there figured out who I was and where I was located, I wouldn’t be able to talk freely about anything anymore.  Know what I mean?  I guess I could let a few readers come see me, but all it takes is one stalker type or just a disgruntled customer to start blabbing all over the internet my real name and where to find me.

I do one feature on my blog I affectionately call my “Freak of the Week.”  This is usually the latest weirdo we’ve seen walk through the door.  We occasionally get guys who want to be spanked, wear diapers, suck on our toes, etc.  Could you imagine what would happen if one of our faithful customers suddenly discovered that HIS foot fetish was the one I decided to broadcast all over the internet????  There would be packs of guys (and their wives in some cases) out in the parking lot waiting to lynch me!

And if you think that the internet is big enough that no one would ever notice me airing their dirty laundry – guess again.  I’ve had more than a few guys try to find me over the internet.  I don’t know much about computers or the internet, so I have my own personal Techno-nerd (Eric) to help me use the blog posting thingy (if you don’t have your own personal Techno-nerd yet, I strongly suggest you get one – they’re handy).  Apart from making sure I get things posted right and correcting my bad grammar, Eric also keeps an eye on the site.  He’s got something he uses to keep track of how many people visit me and where they come from, etc.

Well anyway, he’s told me dozens of times about people looking specifically for me and The Business using Google and Yahoo and stuff.  It’s funny, If I may make a comment about going to a restaurant located next door to a gas station across the street from a Walmart about 2 miles from work – the next day there are 20 searches for restaurants next to gas stations near Walmarts in my home town.  Scary huh?

But luckily the whole blog thing has been a positive experience for me.  No readers have surprised me at work.  Everyone I’ve chatted with has been really supportive.  And I’ve talked with some very interesting people both inside and outside the world of erotic massage.

So whenever you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by.  Lay back, relax and let me do my job.  And remember – I work for tips.

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