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While upgrading Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) yesterday I came across an issue. While trying to install a new version of AIR the installer told me that I didn’t have permission and to contact my administrator. I’m the administrator! It also made mention of Error #0

“An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not
be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator”

I’ve fixed this before and I finally remembered how I did it.

The problem isn’t very well documented, I didn’t see it anywhere on the Adobe site so I thought I’d write this myself for you reference and mine.

The problem is that on Windows XP AIR doesn’t correctly uninstall the older version and kind of gets stuck. Yes, you may have removed it from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel but it’s still lingering in the system.

You need to download the Microsoft Cleanup Application [here]

Install it, look for it in your Start Menu (it’s not under a folder) and run it

When your list of installed applications appears find Adobe Integrated Runtime and click remove.

This will remove AIR from your system completely.

Now go to Adobe’s AIR Download site, download the latest version and install it. [here]

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