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image NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 13, 2009 — Today, ComishFree
LLC. announced the launch of UTXTUD8(TM) (pronounced You
Text You Date), a dating website designed for text message
users. UTXTUD8(TM) is an innovative dating website that
takes online dating – to your cell phone. UTXTUD8(TM)
services are free, allowing users to meet new people and
have fun at no cost.

UTXTUD8(TM) provides a convenient and easy way to meet
people who share similar interests, directly from your cell
phone or computer. Users create a profile, enter a brief
description (e.g. travel, friendly, athletic) and upload a
picture. Once they have completed their registration, users
can search profiles based on gender, age, location range,
interests and more, using the D8 finder. They also have the
option to send and receive text messages and pictures
directly from their phone without logging onto the website.Privacy and safety are top priorities for UTXTUD8(TM), which
is why user names and personal information are kept private
and other users can only view the user profiles. When the
text message is sent, only the username appears, so the
phone number is always hidden. If a user receives text
messages from an undesired user, blocking future
communication is simple. The user simply replies "block" and
they will no longer be able to send that user messages.

UTXTUD8(TM) is a fun, entertaining and innovative way to
meet people. The "Rate Me" feature allows you to rate users
on the site as well as have others rate you. This feature
can be turned off, eliminating the possibility of rejection
or embarrassment, ensuring a positive experience for

"Text/Picture messaging is everywhere and it is increasingly
becoming the preferred method of quick communication. is the perfect way for busy, on-the-go
people to meet people and develop real relationships," says
Mikhail Cook, CEO and founder of ComishFree LLC. "The
excitement of a new relationship combined with innovative
technology is just another step to bringing people together.
We enable you to grow your network from your phone but still
allow your number to be private."

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