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Zipweb describes itself as a ‘local internet’. It’s a local search engine and directory of businesses.

The first thing you notice about is that it really is local, it knows where you are right away. It would seem to glean your location from your IP, ISP etc. and start your search from there.
This can be good, as long a it’s correct.
Of course you can type in your own area to search.

Right there, on the front page, there are highlighted businesses and businesses in your area

Businesses can submit their details to Zipweb for inclusion and to make themselves searchable.

Right, you can search Google and bring up businesses there so what makes ZipWeb different?

Well, Zipweb is user generated with results generated by those who use the site complete with brief reviews as well as accurate addresses (something search engines can’t do on their own).

Though results are currently sparse for the Pittsburgh area I like the way that results are laid out, it’s clean and uncluttered.

Users are able to bookmark places and save searches too.

I can see potential here for Zipweb, as long as they can separate themselves from search engine local searches.

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