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downloadA new iPhone game came across my desk this morning, I figured I’d share it with you.

Upsi Looper is described as “…a fast paced action game, which has been described as extreme Etch-A-Sketch with enemies. You control a line moving on the screen, and have to collect fruit and defeat enemies by drawing loops around them.”

The game has 2 different play modes, 24 achievements, statistics about total play time and games played, automatic save and resume, showing the status bar during pause.

Of course I downloaded the game and gave it a quick play and it is rather good!

It’s one of those very simple games that reminds you of the old school classics (it is very ‘worm’ and ‘Etch-a-sketch’ like) and you find yourself playing and playing and playing and making that simple black photoline hit what it needs to, avoid what it needs to and get ever longer.

Be warned. It’s hard to put down!

At a cost of only 99cents it’s worth checking out.

Look for Looper in the app store or click here


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