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HOUSTON, April 1, 2009 — The availability of a report
discussing the convergence of critical IT trends, including
cost containment, energy efficiency, virtualization, SaaS,
cloud computing, and Open Source software was announced
today by click2try ), a Community
site that features a catalog of virtualized Open Source
software. The report is available through a free download on
the click2try Web site at

Given the current economic, environmental, and regulatory
atmosphere, the report provides CIOs and IT administrators
with a comprehensive view of the state of IT technology
trends. CIOs and IT administrators can use this knowledge in
their decision-making process. Company leaders need to
understand the unprecedented pace of change in the IT arena,
and how they can address external pressures with internal
solutions. Decision-makers can continue to make reactive and
costly choices, or they can use the information in this
report to make proactive technology choices that can help
them stimulate innovation and address cost containment and
environmental issues at the same time.
“We felt it was important to help our IT customers cut
through the chatter and come to a more unified approach to
the trends,” says Mario Grech, click2try president. “It
seems like there are a dozen new challenges and fifteen
technologies to address them every day. How’s the CIO or IT
manager supposed to make sense of it all?”

Based on their own experiences managing Fortune 100 IT
departments and working as IT consultants, click2try
technologists and management tackled the published material
on a variety of trends they found most important to IT
staff. Some of the trends are obvious choices from a group
of people whose efforts support access to Open Source
applications through virtualization technology. Other trends
identified as important issues that can be addressed by
leveraging technology and imagination include energy
efficiency and cost containment. “Too often, IT guys get
stuck with the dirty work of cost cutting and decreasing
service levels. We see ways to cut costs and increase
service levels. And that should help stimulate innovation in
IT and out into other areas of the enterprise,” says Tom
Callaghan, VP, Technical Operations.

The 12-page report consolidates a body of opinion and fact
on a number of trends, citing IT industry analysts, thought
leaders, and journalists who have been increasing coverage
of many of these topics over the last 18 to 24 months. With
the continued global economic downturn, companies worldwide
are searching for ways to cut costs, boost innovation, and
respond to increased regulation regarding power use and
environmental impact.

A free PDF copy of the report, “The Future Is Here: Critical
Convergence in IT Technology Solutions,” can be downloaded
from the click2try Web site at



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