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ORANGE, Calif., April 2, 2009 — The Windows registry
experts of Macecraft Software have today released the final
report of the in-depth study of the 31 most-used registry
cleaner products.

The study analyzes 5 critical aspects to the functionality
of these software packages: the product features, the
installation process, the accuracy of registry errors
detection, the ability to fix these errors and the
compliance to uninstallation best practices.

The study shows that most of these products are more focused
on finding junk data rather than actual, serious registry
errors. For example, in one of the tests a serious error was
manually introduced to the registry and only one product
found it, while most claim to fix registry errors.
An alarming trend was also detected in regards to the
detection of false positives. Many of these products (9 out
of 31) routinely presented false errors and that’s even more

Regarding the inclusion of 3rd party software in the
installation files, many of these products also wanted to
install a bundled software. What’s interesting is that some
of the most popular products are to be found guilty of such
practices. Also it was found that many of these products (18
out of 31) do not follow the recommended practices and as a
result many of the products tested leave a lot of data
behind after uninstallation, which is what causes registry
errors to be formed in the first place!

Mr. Faisal Habib from Macecraft Software explained what has
driven the creation of this report: “Initially the study was
aimed to strictly determine where our product stands in the
market and obviously was intended to be strictly used within
our company. As the results began to pour in, however, we
asked ourselves: Why keep this to ourselves? Doesn’t the
public deserve the same transparency and clear quality
guidelines which we ourselves use? The overwhelming response
we received after releasing the first version of the study
proved that the public does more than deserve such a
scientific report, they actually need it. There is too much
hype and marketing buzz words and not enough cold, hard
scientific data. That data is now available for everyone to

The report can be viewed online at:

About Macecraft Software

Macecraft Software is a leading provider of Windows registry
and maintenance utilities and is a privately held company
with headquarters in Finland with offices in Europe and USA.
Macecraft products have been recognized by the world’s
leading computer magazines as well as tens of thousands of
computer users, from helpdesk professionals to home users
around the globe. Macecraft Software’s flagship product,
jv16 PowerTools 2009, is available in all the major
languages. For more information, please visit

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