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WINTER GARDEN, Fla., April 9, 2009 — As foreclosures
increase across the nation and more people begin the long
process of repairing damaged credit, more and more former
homeowners have no option but to rent.

According to the latest monthly reports from RealtyTrac, the
flow of foreclosed homes continues to increase year over
year. Some residents are even moving out before the lender
files a formal eviction notice or sending their mortgage
lender the keys in the mail, creating the latest term
"Jingle Mail."
Landlords are often finding an increasing number of
applicants for their properties and usage of online property
management software has soared as they search for an easy
solution to track tenant payment histories and manage their
growing list of properties.

Pricing has become a focal point for landlords along with
ease of use, according to Tony Lepordo, director of customer
relations at OnSite Property Manager. "Landlords are looking
for a product that is inexpensive and can be used
immediately without the burden of installation and

Web-based applications first made popular by Google and
Microsoft are now becoming popular in all aspects of life
due to their advantages and ability to be used securely from
any Internet-enabled computer.

For more information on OnSite Property Manager’s online
property management software, please contact Tony Lepordo at
866-865-1742. You can also visit the company’s website at

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