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Sony should be the first name on top of your head whenever you want to buy an LCD TV. Sony is probably the most desired brand for electronics in the world. Sony was named at first as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation and it was founded after the second World Wart. Ten years later, it acquired the name Sony. Sony began creating televisions in 1960 and and started to make flat screens in 2001. Since then, it has turned into a true brand and is famous in the world for providing the greatest quality picture, sound and excellent experience of a LCD TV.

Which are the latest Sony TV models and what are their features? The latest Sony LCD TV series for the year 2009 is the XBR9. This range has 1080p, 240 refreh rate panel, and is available in 32″, 40″, 46″, 52″ sizes. The new Bravia VE 5 series offer power saving as they use a zero W power switch with low power standby mode. Along with this, they have motion and luminosity detectors that minimize the use of energy with keeping the performance.

Another TV series from Sony, the Z series, offer Ethernet connection. It’s making possible for the tv sets to connect with the internet video content using an present internet connection. This service offers a big choice of TV shows, movies, sports and music from a lof of partners such as YouTube, Amazon Video etc.

The Middle range models of the Sony’s V series has 120Hz panel. The V series also comes with Sony motion flow that smoothes out the stuttering effect. For the more wealthier customers, the S series Sony HDTV is offering a good value for your money with a 1080p resolution. The only way to pick the TV is by comparing many models. Regarding the high quality and good performance of the Sony LCD TV sets, you can rest assure that there won’t be any disappointments.

The basic warranty on Sony LCD TV is covering 12 months. You should call the free number if you face any defects. They will ask you some questions to determine whether you are calling them for service or repair. If you own a TV that is 30″ or bigger, you are qualifying for home service. After seeing if you need the service, they will provide you with the contact information of the authorized service centre due the fact that the warranty service can be provided only in these authorized centers. Probably, you will find that people at this services are experienced and helpful, and living up to the high criteria that have been set by Sony.

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