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Having attempted to discover the greatest seo techniques on the entire planet I’ve finally done it. I had to conquer a lot of seo courses to get there but I’m sure it was worth the effort.

So what are the results?

This is the most complete seo guide ever, and the best thing is it is suitable for those of us who know less about computers. Anybody can master these techniques, so it isn’t like other courses. I’m not exactly Isaac Newton or Einstein, just a regular with power at his fingertips. Other seo tutorials seems to think you are geniuses and that you’ve grown up with a mouse in your hand and coding since you were born. Let’s put things in terms you can understand.

Before I give3 you the gold dust I have to make a confession. Not too long ago I knew next to nothing about seo, in fact, I had no idea what it was, never heard of it. Following some mega study sessions on the subject and some great results I felt compelled to share my secrets.

Since I’m in the mood of admissions . . . here’s another. I am so un tech savvy. It runs in the family but I did something about it.

Maybe too many confessions . . .

Why all of the confessions?

it was a bit opportunistic, but it was basically to show you that the odds were stacked against me in tackling the search engines. But that is the point. These seo techniques are for the average web user and so easy to implement. I love that I can build a huge web presence in no time at all.

So what are these killer seo techniques?

Lets get to it . . .

Simplest Tactics in the world:

  1. Article Marketing – my weapon of choice would have to be ezine articles.
  2. Directory Submissions – here the magical, automated, lazy way to build quality links could not be easier and cheaper.
  3. Blog Networks – The ease with which you can build hundreds and hundreds of links in the most natural way is truly staggering.
  4. Videos – Make videos with your little piddly or super flashy camera (video or regular picture pointer shooter) and pump them out to 30 sites at once
  5. Building web 2.0 platforms to dominate your niche.

Learn these seo techniques and conquer Google and the other search engines.

For more advice why not check out this great video. It takes you through a seo method from start to finish and delivers truely great results.

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