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Author: Darren Chow

Nowadays it is very popular to have a homemade solar energy system installed to provide electricity for your own use at home. Solar energy is clean, renewable energy so this benefits that only us but also the environment. Many people are interested in building a solar power system at their homes. This is very good to have a solar power system at home but not every home is suitable to use this system. You should consider before installing a solar power system at home.

Do you have clear and unobstructed access to sunlight for most or all of the day, throughout the year?

The amount of electricity produced at a particular site depends on how much solar energy reaches it. Before you install a home solar power system, you should be sure that your site has enough solar energy to meet you electricity need. If you are not sure, you should find professionals to do a solar analysis for your site.

Do you have a large enough area to accommodate you system?

You should first calculate what portion of the electricity you want your home solar power system to meet. After that, you should consider the area that you have to place the system. It is good if you have enough area for your project. If unluckily you don’t have enough area, you will have to reduce the size of the system and so reduce the amount of electricity produced. The worst situation is that you just don’t have enough area for even a system that will provide you a very small portion of the electricity needed.

Are you allowed to install the system?

You will probably need to obtain permits from your city or county building department. These include a building permit, an electrical permit, or both. You may also need to get approval from the Homeowners Association before installation of the system.

Is it worth your investment?

The setup cost and operation cost are very important factors. You should keep them as low as possible otherwise you may not benefit from the system. To minimize the cost, make sure the size of the system is not too large, which means it is producing correct amount of electricity you needed. One of the best ways to minimize the cost is to setup up the system by you. These include making the solar panels, calculate the electricity you needed, and connecting the parts to form the system.

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