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Author: Uma A Ilango

Is FM Radio a Thing of the Past?

There is a lot of talk about HD, DAB, as well as satellite and podcasts in listening technology today. With all of the advancements in listening, many people wonder if FM radio will be a thing of the past. The transition to digital from analog broadcasting for television has many people wondering if the transition will occur for listening devices as well.

While advancements are being made in listening technology, most can be reassured that the answer is “no,” at least for another 11 years or so. In the UK, DAB technology has been introduced as an alternative to FM radio broadcasting. While many listeners enjoy the quality of the digital signal for talk radio, the quality of music is to be desired, and many are still listening to their old stations because the quality is better for now.

Technology is improving rapidly for radio, and with the introduction of HD and Satellite broadcasts, FM radio seems to be phasing out. Realistically, the cost for devices plays a major part in an individual’s ability to purchase this kind of technology rapidly enough to create a complete transition.

With FM radio being free and these types of devices being standard in vehicles, it will take quite a while for a transition to occur on a mass level. The signal quality is also a major issue, where our current signal is still viewed as having a better quality for music listening depending on the sophistication of the device that is used.

While the quality of signals for DAB and HD are excellent for certain types of talk stations or music channels, it does not span across all channels or all FM stations, and the transition for many types of stations will be long and tedious. In the UK, 2020 is the most realistic date as to when a transition will occur from analog to digital, but even that date may change depending on how ready individuals are to make that switch.

We are familiar with the length of time for television transitions and the difficulties in getting every person reason for that transition. Many people are not economically able to support purchasing television services on a monthly basis, and others still will not be economically able to purchase radio devices to complete that transition without government help.

Do not worry about any FM transitions happening soon. Enjoy your current stations and keep yourself up to date on listening technology so that you can be prepared either way. There will not be any hurry in worrying about this kind of shift in technology permanently for at least another 11 years.

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