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I’m a Pizza Fan, (living in Munhall you have to be really) and I was pretty excited to hear about the new Pizza Hut app for the iPhone.

This, this is what iPhone apps should be like and how companies should be using and utilizing them.

 imageAll you need is a Pizza Hut account (easy to register) and you can use the free ‘iHut’ app.

Through the app you can do a whole lot to your order, your pizza and your wings, they even threw a game in there for you to play while you wait for your meal.

  • Build your Pizza, drag and drop toppings, tilt your phone to adjust your toppings.
  • Shake your wings, tap to choose your sauce.
  • View deals in your virtual fridge.
  • Save your orders, find locations, chose eat-in, delivery or carry out.

It’s actually everything you’d need and expect to find an a food ordering app and personally, I think they did a fine job of creating it.

Search for Pizza Hut in the app store or click here



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