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CARLSBAD, Calif., July 28, 2009 — A new University
lecture-note exchange website is helping students nationwide
improve their grades and earn money from their old lecture
notes. ( presents students
from University and College campuses across the U.S. with
the opportunity to share lecture notes and materials, in
return for a percentage commission for each download and a
variety of rewards for consistent use.

Rewards for uploading include gift certificates ranging in
value depending on the quantity and quality of notes that
are uploaded, and even an 8GB iPod Touch for those
surpassing the required threshold.
Bill Novak, a spokesperson for, believes the
website will provide students with an invaluable resource,
while also presenting a chance to earn students some
much-needed cash:

“ allows students from schools across the U.S.
to upload, share and cash-in on their old lecture notes.
Most students take notes in class anyway, and by uploading
them to, individuals can give back to the
student community and help their peers with much-needed
extra study resources.

“The stereotypical student is scrimping and saving, with
money in very short supply. With, we’re
rewarding students for simply turning up to class, taking
notes and uploading them to our site. For very little extra
hassle, students can both make money and also help their
contemporaries by providing invaluable additional revision
materials.” allows students to download notes organized
by College and subject for a nominal fee, providing further
quality study materials in addition to the materials
provided by the student’s own course staff.

The blog, at ,
shows some of the previous recipients of iPods and other
prizes, awarded as a result of uploading course notes

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