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This is for all the web designers and sales people out there. I’m interested in knowing.

How do you go about telling people, moreso complete strangers that their online presence would be so much better if you had something to do with it?

Have you come across a web site, maybe a coworker, maybe a vendor, a site to review or just stumbled across it online and thought “wow, that’s quite terrible. If only they had me on board to help them with that”?

Have you approached said site owner and told them this?

What did you say? What did they say?

I know we’ve all got our own approachability methods. How we like to approach people and how we like to be approached are often very personal but from a sales stand-point it has to be done… doesn’t it?

From domain names to branding, from site design to presence on Twitter we all have our own opinions on how it could and should be done.

What do you think? what would you say? how would you do it?

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