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I’m a guy, I shave (almost) daily, shaving is something I know. I’m guaranteed to slice and dice my face on a daily basis but I shave. It’s what I do.

It’s not very often that you see a roughly shaven guy in a suit is it? Many guys don’t give shaving before they go to work a second thought. When you go to work it’s a good idea to be presentable at least.

Even if you have a job, you like to look presentable to make a good impression on your customers, clients, co-workers and bosses. Surely if you make a good impression then you’re likely to get ahead somehow, right?

It’s a fact that HR professionals look favorably on well a groomed prospective. From facial hair and neat hair to clean shoes and a firm handshake. It all matters.

What does this all have to do with TechBurgh and technology?
Well, Gillette (known for razors and shaving cream) have launched a web site called “Gillette Career Advantage” with the goal of giving job seekers and professionals advice on how to use their grooming to get into or how to get ahead in the workplace.

They even brought GQ Style Correspondent, Mark Jeffries in to give a helping hand to those among us who are completely lost.

It’s not about “shave before you do on a job interview” its the little things that the everyday guy might not notice or do. It’s about tools and information, advice and quizzes.

I know I’m going to check out the site to see if they can tell me how to stop the shaving related blood loss (almost) every morning.

Check out the Gillette Resource Center and the Gillette Career Advantage for lots more information and check out the press release.

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