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(ARA) – The competition between cable and satellite television providers has always been fierce, but competing digital video recording services and options have brought things to a fever pitch. Once considered a premium option – and typically purchased through standalone units like TiVo – DVR is now included in many TV packages.

Sorting through the various perks and advantages of each provider's DVR service can be confusing, to say the least. One thing's for sure, though: Television customers are coming out winners.

The benefits of getting DVR through your cable or satellite provider:

In the past, standalone TiVo units were the only real way to enjoy the convenience of DVR. This meant that, in addition to the usual array of DVD players, cable or satellite receivers, video game consoles and other miscellaneous things, you'd have to make room for a DVR unit. Needless to say, space would be at a premium. The beauty of getting DVR through your cable or satellite provider is that it saves you space, is much more convenient, coordinates well with HDTV accessories and, best of all, is usually much cheaper.

What's in it for you?

In an effort to lure in as many customers as possible, cable and satellite television providers are unveiling newer and more elaborate DVR packages, options and offers all the time. If you're currently unsure about which provider to settle on, having an idea about what they have to offer in terms of DVR can help narrow things down quite a bit. There is a significant divide between what cable television providers like Cox and Comcast have to offer in comparison with large satellite providers like DISH and DIRECTV; they all offer HD-capable DVRs, though.


Without a doubt, DIRECTV is the provider to beat when it comes to topnotch DVR services, options and features. Their DVR services include:

* HD DVR receivers that boast up to 1080p HD resolution.

* The ability to set and program your DVR receiver remotely, via mobile apps or the Web.

* A color-coded, easy-to-use remote control that handles all of the DVR receiver's functions.

* The ability to pause or rewind up to 90 minutes, either way.

* The option to build your own, customized channel guide.

* A Smart Search feature that makes finding what you want to watch easier.

Cable television DVRs

Depending on where you live in the country, your cable television provider may be Cox, Comcast, Time Warner or one of several others. COX Cable DVRs, along with Comcast and Time Warner provide these services:

* Recording programs in HD.

* Storing up to 90 hours of programming at any given time.

* HDTV DVR units that hold up to 160GB of programming.

* Parental controls.

* Series recording.

* Low monthly price.

* The ability to watch one program while recording another one simultaneously.

* The ability to watch one saved program while recording two additional programs at the same time.


When compared with what cable television providers have to offer, DISH Network really stands out. The company offers these DVR services:

* Skipping through commercials.

* A special remote that simplifies using all DVR functions.

* A customizable Electronic Program Guide.

* Customizable lists, including theme lists and favorites.

* The ability to add additional recording space with an external hard drive.

* Low-priced package deals.

Enjoying the convenience of DVR is easier – and more affordable – than ever, thanks to the huge array of options from today's cable and satellite providers. If you aren't already enjoying the benefits of DVR, there's never been a better time to sign up.

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