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NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2011 — NYC Audio Tours App for iPhone &
iPod touch hit the App store this week with a comprehensive
audio tour guide of New York City. Just like a personal tour
guide, NYC Audio Tours is there to guide you around New York
City, describing historical places and landmarks,
restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and much more.

NYC Audio Tours App brings together the popular and
touristic sights, and the places you never noticed passing
by, and presents them in an exciting way. It gives you the
opportunity to experience and learn about New York, its
history, architecture, historic neighborhoods, outdoor
markets, popular bars, fancy restaurants, but also great,
cheap holes-in-the-wall, nice little boutiques and cozy
places to go. This is what makes this app of interest to
visitors and native New Yorkers as well.

This app covers more than 100 historical and interesting
places that are grouped according to their locations and are
situated within walking distance from one another for users’
Special features and highlights of NYC Audio Tours App
combines texts and audio while walking you through
interesting sights. Extensive audio articles take you to
more than 12 areas in New York, from Greenwich Village,
SoHo, Theater District, Central Park, Upper East Side and
Upper West Side to Little Italy, Chinatown, Wall Street,
Brooklyn Bridge, Harlem, and many more.

— EXPERT, QUALITY CONTENT – The guide contains hundreds of
tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, nightlife, museums
and hotels. It also provides address, website address, phone
number, prices (where applicable), metro station and hours
of operation for every entry.

— NAVIGATION – The guide locates you on the map
automatically and provides the most optimal route to any
point of interest. You can also view any point of interest
in the area. (This can be done offline with no roaming
fees!) This app also includes a "Near Me" feature which
allows you to find all attractions in a 15-mile radius.

— FILTERS – You can use filters to select restaurants,
hotels, bars and shops according to their price, location,
cuisine, etc.

— CHILDREN-FRIENDLY INFO – NYC Audio Tours includes some
children-friendly attractions and destinations.
NYC Audio Tours is available for downloading by visiting the
iTunes App Store:
For further information, visit the website
or email
[email protected]