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I have the pleasure of knowing Anthony and Virginia – they’re both great people and this is a great cause. What a wonderful idea for a fundraiser! Get in on it and donate.

January 24, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA … Get ready to get your video game on. Chachi Plays is the perfect combination of video games and fundraising.  On February 11th Chachi (Anthony Walker) will begin a 24-hour video game marathon at MIB Ninja Entertainment on Smithfield Street in Pittsburgh.  The purpose of the video game marathon is to raise money to outfit Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh with video games for patients at the hospital. 

Chachi Plays started out as a question as to how Mr. Walker could help the Pittsburgh community.  It has since developed from that simple question to become a fun fundraising event. 

“I wanted to do something for the kids,” said Anthony Walker, the main organizer of the event. “Although I may not have the ability to cure sick kids, I want to do something to help make their stay at Children’s Hospital a little more like home.”

The event itself was inspired by, and is supported by the Mario Lemieux Foundation project Make Room for Kids.  Make Room for Kids was initially conceived by one of Mr. Walker’s friends, Virginia Montanez.  Through the aid of funds raised through donations, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s transplant wing was outfitted with video games.

“My goal is to help Make Room for Kids get a jumpstart on their next fundraising push,” noted Walker. “I’ll be happy knowing that just because the kids at Children’s Hospital may be sick, doesn’t mean that they can’t still be kids.” 

What: Chachi Plays for Kids
When: Friday, February 11, 2011, 7:00 pm – Saturday, February 12, 2011, 7:00 pm 
Where: MIB Ninja Entertainment, Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
How: Donate at or stop by during the event.

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