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EyeSee360 LogoPittsburgh local company EyeSee360 is looking for help funding a new lens for the iPhone 4.

Through Kick Starter (see below) you can donate to the cause and help fund a really cool new lens for the iPhone 4 that will give users the ability to capture 360 degree panoramic pictures and record 360 degree panoramic video.

The new GoPano Micro simply attaches to your iPhone 4, you take the picture or record the video, upload it and share it!

No longer will you just have the happy couple recorded at a wedding but the attendees too, no more just the people on stage at a concert but the fans partying in the audience too.

Of course, for people who fund the project get some fun stuff from EyeSee360 for their trouble as well as being happy knowing that they have helped fund a sweet new mobile technology.

Check out the information below and put your dollars to work.