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Of course, anyone who is anyone is using Gmail – if you’re not, whyever not?!

Your use of Gmail is beside the point – this, however may change your mind about using Gmail and if you are, it’ll make your life so very much easier!

Rapportive is a Gmail addon that replaces the ads in Gmail with very, very useful information about the person who sent you the email that you’re currently reading.

It’s not stalking or creeping, it’s connecting.

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What Rapportive does is, it references the senders email address against a number of Social Networks and other Raplets and displays connection information right there in your Gmail sidebar.

For example, when someone sends me an email I can look right away and see if that person is in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, bio information, CrunchBase Info, Klout Score, a photo and more – if it’s all available.

The Rapportive side bar will show recent tweets from your contact, recent Facebook updates, and more.

See who you’re emailing, see where the are, see what they do.

Send a LinkedIn invitation right from your Rapportive bar.

It’s all about creating rapport with the people you’re emailing and otherwise connecting with.

Rapportive currently has more than 55,000 users and nearly 450 weekly installs.


It’s well worth a look and worth an install.


Learn more about Rapportive here

Learn more about the Rapportive App (and install it) here

Follow Rapportive on Twitter here

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