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In a recent review of over 100,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ Visibli found that, surprisingly, car manufacturer Audi had by far the most Facebook Likes and the highest engagement amongst its fans.

Visibli found that Audi received over 225 likes per 100,000 fans, surpassing the likes of Lady Gaga, American Airlines, Justin Bieber and Chamillionaire.

Bieber came in second in the analysis with just over 180 Likes per 100,000 fans each time he posted to Facebook.

As of the posting of this, Audi has more than 3.1 Million Facebook Fans.

What can a car manufacturer be posting that garners so much attention amongst its followers? Well, a quick peruse shows that they’re covering the gambit. They’re sharing.
Audi shares other peoples articles, videos, reviews and comments through Facebook as well as in house views, reviews and great pictures of Audi cars past, present and future.

Can’t get to an Auto show? Audi has it covered, just check out their Facebook Wall.

I don’t even have an Audi and I follow them because it’s just plain neat to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

What do you think of Audi’s Social Media Engagement?

Check out Audi on Facebook here

Check out Audi USA on Twitter here

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