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Visibli took a look at more than 100,000 Likes on Facebook and found that Artists are getting more feedback than Brands and more Traditional Media.
The study shows that there is quite a remarkable difference in the way that Facebook is being used between the three groups.


<p>It seems that for Brands and Media Organizations, the more fans their pages have the less they’re engaging.    <br />However for artists, just the opposite is true, they’re keeping pretty steady with their engagement and growth of their fan base. </p>  <p>Artists seem to gain Social Media value as their fan base grows whereas the other groups… well… pretty must lose it. </p>  <p>Consider the user base. Artists really define ‘Fans’ online and offline. </p>  <p>With regard to Media and Brands, followers (see: Fans) often like them on Facebook to receive Information. </p>  <p>Information being posted Media and Brands is different too.&#160; Brands post product information, press releases, maybe coupons, etc. It’s pure information and not really encouraging a click or a comment. </p>  <p>Artists however, as for opinions, give previews and more. Any art form inherently encourages feedback from a reader, listener, or viewer on a very basic level where a newspaper, television or a bottle of shampoo can’t necessarily connect on the same level. </p>  <p>What do you think?