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Facebook dynamics are fascinating. Consider why you ‘Like’ Media, an Artist or a Brand on Facebook. What prompted you to visit their Facebook page and click the button?

Now that you’re busy pondering what drove you to a page, consider what you do when you see posted content from your newly Liked Facebooker.
Is it worth commenting? is it worth a like? do you share it?

Visibli found in a recent study that brands aren’t doing do well when getting comments on their Facebook Pages. In fact, they’re doing pretty terribly.

On average a brand receives 9 comments per post (54 Likes), Media posts receive 43 comments (57 Likes) and Artists receive 17 comments per post (92 Likes).

So, Traditional Media, on Facebook is getting more comments per post.
Does Traditional media know which buttons to push to provoke a response from readers?

Is it a specific trait that Fans of Media Facebook pages prefer to comment rather than Liking?

It is an age thing? does a younger generation prefer to simply click the Like button rather than commenting on a post?

Which would you rather? would you rather someone Liked your Facebook post or would you rather they Commented on it?
A quick, personal Facebook and Twitter poll indicates that people prefer to see a comment to their post. Of course it was pointed out that feedback is feedback and both Likes and Comments are good.
Me? I think I’d rather a Comment over a Like.

What do you think?

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