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Avere Systems announced two new FXT Series scale-out NAS appliances. The FXT 2550 and 2750 models feature faster Intel Xeon quad-core processors, more capacity on the DRAM storage tier and enhanced connectivity with six 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, in addition to dual 10GbE ports with copper or optical options.

The new FXT appliances are based on Avere’s A-3 Architecture which includes three core Avere technologies: a Tiered File System that dynamically tiers data by intelligently and automatically moving it to the optimal storage tier based on demand; scale-out clustering, providing performance scaling and high availability across a cluster of up to 25 FXT appliances for up to millions of IOPS and dozens of gigabytes per second throughput; and virtualization and visibility, leveraging Avere’s recently announced GNS capability to manage multiple heterogeneous NAS systems as one and allowing all clients to access all data from a single mount point, whether the NAS server is located in a local data center, remote site or in the cloud.

“These new FXT scale-out appliances leverage Avere’s technical innovations to bring a next-generation NAS experience to customers who are frustrated with the management complexity, stranded storage capacity and performance bottlenecks of their current NAS installations,” said Ron Bianchini, Avere President and CEO. “The FXT 2550 and 2750 appliances implement the power of our innovative A-3 architecture that not only addresses today’s fundamental problems of conventional NAS technology but was designed to be extensible to support future NAS evolutions.”

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