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On – Board Communications, a leading provider of GPS solutions, announced today the release of MileageTraks™ to its unique suite of solutions. MileageTraks™, validates and separates personal miles from business miles for fleet vehicles. In addition, for those employees who use their personal vehicles for company business, MileageTraks™ documents only business miles. In either case, off duty employee privacy is assured with MileageTraks™ patent pending technology.

“As companies rebound from the recession, MileageTraks™ is the right tool at the right time to increase profitability said Don Kennedy, President. It is gratifying to see how one powerful little GPS unit has the ability to touch so many departments in an organization. From protection at IRS mileage audit time, to employee productivity, to expense control, MileageTraks™ delivers multiple value points across a wide range of companies.”

With the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, the need to control costs is becoming increasingly important. For fleets with company cars, MileageTraks™ documents all miles and provides for the electronic separation of personal and business miles. Fleet expenses are reduced as the true cost of personal use increases and shifts to the employee. For Employees using personal vehicles for company business, MileageTraks™ documents all business miles but still ensures off duty employee privacy. The costly reimbursement of $ .51 cents per mile is reduced as only verifiable miles in accordance with company policy become eligible for reimbursement.

With its real time stream of data, MileageTraks™* also enables individual business managers to be certain that all mobile employees are being productive and efficient while on duty. A rich data base provides for route management, and automated trip reporting. Productivity is increased as the time consuming generation of daily trip and mileage reports is automated.

On-Board also delivers unique solutions for fleet commercial vehicles, construction equipment and lift trucks.

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