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(ARA) – Now that computers have become increasingly powerful and portable, bringing one along on your trip is more convenient and helpful than ever. Computers offer the optimal experiences for tasks that require a full-size keyboard or screen and for content that runs on Flash. With more and more devices like tablets, netbooks and sliders being introduced that are hardly larger than a children’s book, it’s completely practical to bring one on your next vacation.

Here are a few reasons to consider taking an ultramobile device on your vacation this summer:

  • With the ability to jump online, you’ll have access to updated road maps and information on places of interest nearby. You’ll also have no problem searching for places to eat, or making last minute hotel reservations. It’s never been easier to plan on the fly when you’re on vacation.
  • Edit and organize your photos with ease on your computer while your memories are still fresh during the trip.
  • In addition to devices being easy to transport, you can also save on space you might otherwise dedicate to DVDs, CDs and games by storing them on the device itself. Slim form factors also make it easy to set up in your back seat to keep your kids entertained with a movie, and tablets’ ability to use Flash makes it easy.


p>*With a larger screen and longer battery life, you can read myriad newspapers, magazines and books on the go.

  • You can also play your favorite games like Angry Birds and Downhill Snowboard or watch animations and other media content that run on Flash.

*No matter how much you want to disconnect, there’s always the possibility that you’ll have to check in with the house sitter or pay a bill that you forgot to take care of before you left. A mobile device allows you the chance to do these things with ease without interrupting your vacation.

Thanks in part to the small size of the Intel Atom processor, netbooks and tablets have become more portable, faster, sleeker and more lightweight. If you’re looking for a netbook or tablet to accompany you on your next trip, consider these options:

Dell Inspiron Duo: This computer’s unique 10-inch HD touchscreen monitor can be mounted within a fold-out keyboard, or docked at an audio station – making it a great device for storing and playing music, as well as an easily adjustable video player. It also switches from a clamshell form to a tablet slate, simply by flipping the screen

Asus Eee PC 1015PE (Seashell): With a built-in 3G Bluetooth connection, mobile surfing is easy with the Seashell. The computer comes with an additional 500 GB of Web storage, making it easy to maintain access to all the media you’ll need during your trip.

Samsung Slider 7 Series: The Slider 7 Series features a keyboard that slides out from behind the screen if you would rather type than use the touch screen.

ExoPC Slate: It’s hard to find a mobile device with a sleeker design than the ExoPC Slate. The 9-inch screen is perfect for watching movies, or poring through your favorite e-book.

Whichever device you choose to accompany you on your family vacation this year, you’ll be amazed by how much a mobile device can help you avoid familiar setbacks during your trip.

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