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An expermient of Faraday cage

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Pepro LLC (, a manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications, today announced that the company has more than doubled its facilities in response to steadily increasing demand for Pepro enclosures. The company’s unique, patented Faraday cage technology allows customers to easily deploy tower sites almost anywhere, confident that the sites will be protected from lightning, high winds and other significant risks.

As part of the expansion, Pepro has added several on-premise services that save time and costs, enabling the company to deliver top-quality enclosures as efficiently as possible. These services include a new powder coat oven, weld shop, machine shop and raw materials facility.

“This expansion is an opportunity to serve more customers, and to serve all customers better,” said Vic Garmong, Pepro LLC President. “The added space is required to accommodate the steady growth in orders, and gives us an opportunity to think about how we grow better while we grow bigger. With our new on-site services, we can respond faster, offer more customization and reduce our costs.”

The Pepro manufacturing space grows more than 125 percent and its office space grows 414 percent with the expansion. Company revenues have grown roughly 40 percent per year over the last five years. Pepro has provided shielded enclosures based on its patented Faraday cage technology for 18 years without a single loss of protected equipment.

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