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It has been in the works for some time now and yesterday Tubu Internet Solutions announced the launch of their Website Protection Scanner.

imageWebsite Protection Site Scanner
Site Scanner identifies security threats on your web site that hackers could use to steal information, infect your customers or deface your site.

Automated daily scans:
Daily scans check for more than 3,000 security flaws and vulnerabilities that malicious users can exploit to deface your site, infect visitors with malware, or steal sensitive information.

View your scorecard:
Issues are ranked by threat severity – “Critical,” “Warning,” or “Informational” – so that you can prioritize and respond accordingly.

Fix the threat:
View recommendations for how to fix issues. Need help? Call our security experts’ – free!

Give visitors confidence:
When your website receives a passing score, display the trusted Website Protection seal to show visitors they can click with confidence.

Don’t get blacklisted:
If Google® deems your site to be “suspicious”, the will blacklist it from their search engine. Learn about and fix issues before that can happen.

Who is it for?

Bloggers who use customizable content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Social Web Sites that let users publish, share or distribute content directly to the site and other visitors.

Web Site Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart users who customize their sites with third party scripts and widgets.

Web Site Developers who want to show clients that their sites are safe for visitors.


Is it for you?

Do you have input fields in your site?
Input fields, such as comments or sign-up forms, are a hacker’s playground. If your forms aren’t configured to handle content securely, hackers can submit malicious data that can deface your site or obtain possibly sensitive information.

Do you link to documents?
Links can give  malicious users more information than you intend, and hackers can use improperly formatted links to redirect visitors to phishing sites.

Learn more and protect your site here


Getting started with the Site Protection Scanner

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Setting up the Website Protection Site Scanner