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I was rightly berated for not knowing about this app this morning.


Push to talk is incredibly convenient in Emergency Services, heck it’s useful in many walks of life but especially in Emergency Services.

Now there’s a Push to talk app for your iPhone and Android devices – HeyTell. And it’s FREE!

HeyTell is really simple too.
Invite your friends/contacts to use HeyTell via text or email and they show up on your friends list.
Select the contact from your Friends list then use the “Hold and Speak” button (as opposed to “Push to talk”).

If the other party has the app up on their screen it goes right through to their phone almost immediately (slight delay). If the app isn’t running the other party gets Push Notification letting them know that they have a message.

If you pop up the map in the app it shows your Heytell friends where you are.

Think of it like a verbal text message…. of sorts.

I think it’s a great app with lots of potential (i.e group stuff?) and I can see myself using it.
Of course it’s one of those apps that depends on others using it for it to work.  Maybe it’ll catch on in the Fire Department at least.

Download the app in the App Store or check out