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Social media has sparked an Internet revolution. Web users constantly crave the ability to connect with others, consume video and audio and create and share content online.

With this increasing devotion to Internet access, many people seek a reliable network connection that enables them to access the Web 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they are. And as demand grows, new solutions are emerging to meet users’ needs.

Some Internet providers are integrating the freedom of 4G wireless technology with the functionality of your laptop computer. Services such as CLEAR offer both wireless home modems and USB adapters to provide you with Internet wherever you are. To learn more, go to

  1. Access your Internet anywhere

With completely wireless access, you can get the Internet wherever you are at any given time. Wireless Internet providers let you experience the convenience of Internet access at home or from the many places you travel from week to week.

Wireless Internet services like CLEAR allow you to access the Internet just as you would with a conventional home connection. The only difference is that your signal comes from a wireless 4G signal, rather than through an Ethernet cord fed to a router.

But the real advantage of wireless service is that it gives you the access you need when you aren’t at home. Services such as CLEAR offer a USB adapter for your laptop that lets you carry your connection with you wherever you go.

  1. Never have to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot again

Wi-Fi connections often present accessibility challenges. Although coffee shops, hotels and certain restaurants offer free Wi-Fi, there are often signal limitations in some areas where you want to use the Internet. Additionally, some traditional wireless networks restrict access to only those who have a password. This further limits your ability to log on to the Web when you want to.

With 4G wireless Internet access, your connection is yours. You don’t have to seek permission to use it, and you can use it pretty much anywhere you’d like.

  1. Experience the freedom of mobile smartphones and tablet PCs on your powerful notebook

While 3G and 4G Internet are options for most smartphones and tablet computers, services like CLEAR allow you to enjoy the convenience of your smart phone’s wireless Internet access on your laptop.

With a laptop powered by a 4G wireless Internet connection, you can stream video, access social networks and manage your blog or website like you would on your smartphone or tablet computer.

  1. Save money

By seeking one service provider for both home and on-the-go Internet access, you can eliminate the need for both a monthly home Internet fee and data package for your tablet PC or smartphone. Just buy the appropriate hardware from CLEAR.

Combining your services into one comprehensive package gives you powerful Internet access and allows you to use your laptop in more places when compared to traditional service providers or Wi-Fi hot spots.

Traditional home Internet networks have their places and so do smartphones and tablet PCs. But when you want the ultimate combination of accessibility and functionality, the solution is 4G wireless Internet service.

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