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GeekBeatTV #230: ?? dock for charging without cables, Canon’s new point-and-shoots, The PlaySport gets ready for winter, the world’s thinnest HDMI cable, and earthquake vs cell phones!

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00:25 Charging Without Cables

Tired of dangling phones while they charge at a wall outlet? The MiniDock gets rid of the cables entirely!

01:32 Canon Point-and-Shoot Roundup

Canon announced a bunch of new small cameras this week and we’ve got the details and availability dates for you.

02:19 PlaySport Snowboard Bundle

The Kodak PlaySport is a nice little camera suited to outdoor adventures, and now they’ve teamed with Burton for a special edition to get you ready for winter fun.

03:18 Super-Thin HDMI Cable

HMDMI cables can be thick and bulky, but not this one! This is the thinnest cable for that purpose we’ve seen and it works great.

04:00 Earthquake Hits Mobile Services

In the wake of yesterday’s earthquake on the east coast, we got a reminder of how much we need our communications networks when some phone services went out.

The episode again! GeekBeatTV #230: ??

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