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Are you considering purchasing a new television for the upcoming football season? With all the new television technology, you’re going to find yourself choosing between LCD, plasma, 3D, and HDTV. Whatever features you ultimately decide on, one thing is clear: There is no use in having all of these features if your current cable provider doesn’t offer the service they require.

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You should consider upgrading your television service to get the most out of your new television. You are not going to get the most out of your new 52-inch, plasma, HDTV if your current cable company isn’t offering the big football game in HD. Most cable companies only offer a few channels in HDTV. However, finding every single game in crystal clear HDTV isn’t hard when you have satellite TV programming, like DIRECTV, which offers some of the best programming around for HDTVs. With packages starting at just $29.99, the value is unbeatable.

With DIRECTV, you’ll never miss out on a second of the football season with NFL Sunday Ticket, which offers every single game in HD. That means you can watch up to 200 NFL games each season in HD. If you’re rooting for more than one team, the Game Mix channel is going to keep you in the loop. It allows you to watch up to eight games at the same time, live, on one screen. DIRECTV also offers local channels including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX to keep you current on regional college games and national professional games.

DIRECTV is more than just sports; it is total entertainment for your entire family, with family-friendly channels like Disney and Discovery, and parental controls that always give you control over the channels and shows your children are watching.

If you are a fan of premium programming, then you will love the offerings of HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, and Showtime, and an on-demand movie service called DIRECTV Cinema. No other cable service provider offers the entertainment value to satisfy the biggest movie buff and the biggest sports fan in one package, at a price they both can agree on. There are no upfront costs, no equipment to buy, free installation and customer service 24/7.

The packages, which can be viewed at, start at just $29.99. There are five packages to choose from that mix and match features, channels, and technology to create the perfect package for your entertainment needs. There are no upfront costs, free installation, and no equipment to buy.

DIRECTV is currently offering a great special to new customers: With the purchase of DIRECTV Choice package and above, you and your family can experience NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra charge. Give your wallet a rest and put your television to work with the best satellite TV service available.

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