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imageIt is much harder now than it has ever been to filter what your children are looking at online. Smart phones, tablet devices and web enabled MP3 Players mean that pretty much anyone can have access to the Internet anywhere.
Yes, it’s harder to get malicious software on iDevices but users are still susceptible to tasteless and obscene websites…. in general stuff you don’t want your kids to see.

AVG (my Free Antivirus software of choice) has a solution for you!

The AVG Family Safety App in the App Store does a marvelous job of filtering web traffic on iPhones, iPods and iPads and keeping your Children from viewing objectionable web sites.

Best of all – it’s FREE!

According to AVG:

“AVG Family Safety educates children as they explore, protects as they socialize, and adapts as they grow. AVG Family Safety is available for your PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Visit for full details, including the management console which manages all the devices in your home.”

… and it actually does work. There is no noticeable speed difference, there’s no registration required, the app doesn’t rely on a local ‘bad site’ list.

If you have kids and want to protect them and their mobile devices this app is a must-have.

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