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Everyone dreads it, but it’s happened to us all: Just when you need your computer to work quickly, it slows to a grinding pace – or even crashes altogether. Sudden malfunctions are one thing, but when your computer runs at a glacial pace on a regular basis, it can be maddening to do anything, from work to surfing the Web for fun.

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The good news is that you don’t have to live with the frustration of a slow PC. After its successful “KillSlow” movement aimed at helping PC users speed up their dragging computers, iYogi developed a free PC Scan application through the Support Dock PC maintenance suite. The app will list all the problems identified, allowing consumers to make informed decisions on how to fix them.

You don’t even have to be an expert to make it work right, but it does help to know why you have a slow PC. Consider whether one of these speed-cutting problems – or all of them – is affecting your PC.

  • Viruses. It’s almost as easy for your computer to pick up a virus as it is for you to catch a cold during the cold season. The only difference is virus season is year-round for computers. New virus threats appear daily, so it’s essential to run antivirus programs. If you think your computer is already infected, it’s worth it to enlist help for a more serious undertaking like virus removal.
  • Too much going on. Are you running multiple demanding programs at once? We’ve all become multi-taskers on the computer, sometimes trying to stream video, play games, surf the Web and work on other programs all at once. If that sounds like you and your computer runs slow, consider limiting your tasks. Or, if you have a habit of leaving applications open when you’re not using them, start making the effort to close out of them when you’re done.

  • Overcrowded hard drive. By overloading your hard drive with files that you rarely use, you’re essentially putting the brakes on your computer’s speed. If you need more space, buy an inexpensive external hard drive. Transfer files that you want to keep but don’t need to access on a regular basis and you’ll give your computer more room to run.

Stop taking your PC for granted and maintain it like you should. A regular PC Scan is recommended just like you would get your car serviced. The Support Dock free PC Scan application that iYogi has launched as an extension of their KillSlow movement actually checks for the number of junk files you have, any registry errors, firewall settings, antivirus status and settings. It will list the problems encountered allowing you to choose the type of technical support you should hire. For more information on the KillSlow movement and how to get an iYogi expert to install the free PC Scan application, call 1-855-killslow (1-855-545-5756) or visit and bring your PC back to speed. A little TLC for your PC will go a long way.

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